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Winner 2009 MotorSport Media Awards

Journalist of the Year
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Photographer of the Year
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Wow is all I can say, to win both awards in the same year is incredible and something that has never been achieved before.

I started doing media work to promote my local club events, and to promote the sport I love to as wide an audience as possible. People liked what I did and started asking me to do more. 15 years and over 100,000 photos later, this is this proof that my work has improved and isn't too bad after all. I am my own worst critic, so to have this recognition is an honour.

To be involved in this sport requires dedication, committment, and investment. You can't just throw a set of clubs in the boot and drive to a local course for a bash when ever you feel like. No matter whether you are an official, competitor, crew, or the media, to be involved requires a significant dediation and committment, not found in too many other sports.

This is the essence of motorsport, and it is this committment and dedication that I try to express in my work. Exciting photos of competitors at that point of 100% committment is the most graphic expression of this.

I would like to thank my wife and family for being so supportive during the time I'm away at events or chained to the computer.

Also a big thank you to all of the people who have supported me by publishing my work. Most significantly Grant McDonald at Speedsport and Mike Beauchamp formally of Kiwi Speed (and Motorsport Central before that). Thank you all.

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